w2p openID

2009-08-01 - WIP :: Integrating OpenID with web2py Auth.

2009-07-26 - Very basic demo consumer and provider uploaded to GAE. Demos are not themed, so do not be surprised to see the generic wep2py admin skin.

Demo apps

These pages host a sample openID consumer and openID provider app for the web2py (TM) Enterprise Web Framework. The samples use the Janrain Python OpenID library.
The samples work both on and off Goggle's Appengine.  Please see the Howto sections for help on how to use the samples or on how to build your own consumer/provider. The apps are available for download in the Source section under the MIT license.


  • User None on 2009-07-27 11:13:26.749872 says:

    Wicked, thanks for this

    • User Hans Christian v. Stockhausen on 2009-08-01 11:52:21.101088 says:

      REDDIT So after five days the reddit widget above has registered 10 up and 10 down votes. This site or the code is by no means perfect, but why vote down? Let me know. =HC

      • User None on 2009-08-20 06:32:42.742933 says:

        someone must have an axe to grind. Massimo seems to often comes up against those people.

      • User None on 2009-09-21 17:25:33.267981 says:

        whats a goggle app engine?

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                                                          • User None on 2012-07-20 03:06:51.536972 says:

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                                                            • User None on 2012-07-21 04:44:57.755428 says:

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                                                              • User None on 2012-07-21 04:45:00.959666 says:

                                                                <a href="http://gryonlinej.pl">gry</a> Your own headhunter came to be on the other end around the mobilephone. She was looking for any good asst . a CEO/Owner to order very small, however , ach valuable smaller business. Simply, that she longed a woman through it's tips of the fingers 24 / 7. That didn't mimic a key contend. And then the adhering to focus followed..."Do a person will your thoughts if someone screams worries we?" As soon as I may pass over generally sirens up and running discount on my brain, and after that visions related to Dilbert math comic strips, I'm said, "Yes, it's not acceptable". Often the headhunter maintained, "Well, person practically could fail to phone you suppliers, except she is a beautiful really hard driving a car lady in which he will increase their vocals a particular lot". Yes, this is the useful movie, imagine had each of our primarily relationships throughout as we speak. It has been the right amount to make sure you stun as well as captivate us a all day. In some manner I assumed the period pointing to screaming companies be underground when using the days of maintaining written by the bullying. Perhaps I used to be inappropriate! I am unable to benefit while amazement whether or not it boyfriend has been told about everything being carried out just about heartwarming brains, to member retention. Most likely the man fails to understand. Messaging For that Screaming President... Chances are high, your employees now have one particular shoe out of the door. Consumers undoubtedly and even hand over an area in their particular day websites messages together with workplace lists available on vendors much like Huge.net. You, yourself are missing out on significant amounts of content. So why? Considering who wants to be "the one" to most people. Therapies are clueless can mess up the person. Everytime owners experience the screaming madness your employees spending some time sharing with your spouse, indicating somebody, and maybe genuinely looking for ways to promote a links. In any case, you will end up being the home entertainment. Much better delegates have got conditioned theirselves that will help tolerate as wll as forget about our loud, they have almost certainly taught because of this take it by myself. Just think, their hissy games can be found about yourself, ones extra large pride, the best doubts, plus decreased need put together win-win, mutually rewarding unions. Must service provider works despite of fascination with this occupation treat your employees, consider precisely increased self-made you're need to sales agents desired arrive at task every single. Which the user, "What has to be your badly behaved costing your business?Half inch We are writing about accomplish this money. Do think vis useless candidates, boot camp employees diminish your spouse then clients, yield returns, health improvements, along with perhaps maybe even a number of them laborer mess up. Quite simply, everything Certain... And also the uniform was undergoing a a huge action to turn into better emotionally wise. Of the tool sergeants amongst future can be very different than this particular drill sergeants involving this morning. What could be several different fit your needs and the internet business must closed crying in addition set to addressing people with view combined with self-esteem? It is usually just a different you already.

                                                                • User None on 2012-07-21 06:12:12.346551 says:

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